Expert translator and conference interpreter in Vienna

Over 5 years, I have worked with vast organisations, start-ups and everything in between. I get to know my clients before we start so that I can tailor my services to their specific needs. I will help your business make an impact in Italy.


German, French, English and Dutch into Italian

From business documentation to product descriptions and instruction manuals, I translate your material into clear, flawless Italian. High-quality Italian content is what will set you apart in the eyes of prospective customers.

I specialise in:

  • Business communications
  • Marketing
  • IT
  • Medical reports

I also have experience of translating tourism, NGOs and food industry material.

Conference interpreting

Between German, French, English, Dutch and Italian

Whether you need language support for a product launch, a business meeting or an IT seminar, I’ll be there to ensure that your message gets across.

  • Consecutive interpreting: the speaker pauses periodically for me to repeat what was said
  • Simultaneous interpreting: I work in a booth alongside a partner to interpret the speaker with no delay

I have wide-ranging interpreting experience, including the EU, the arts, the wine industry, medicine, technical sectors and railway security.

Additional services

Proofreading / editing
I make sure your Italian documents are flawless
I turn audio files into clear, ready-to-use Italian text
Language coaching
I work with companies and private individuals, either on-site or via Skype

I am the business owner of MDPwords, an Italian professional translator and interpreter based in Vienna making dialogue possible between my customers and their Italian audience.


Contact info

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